Emergency   Assistance Program & Wish List


Every family faces some type of crisis on occasion, but in the remote hollows of Eastern Kentucky the emergencies are intensified by isolation, poor roads and limited finances.

St. Vincent Mission gives Christian service to people by providing food, clothing, household items or assistance in reaching the proper agency where they can find help.  Help with an unexpected car repair, loss of home to fire, rent, medical needs or increase utility cost may also be given.

Eligible applications who are physically able give community service hours to St. Vincent Mission in exchange for financial assistance.

In 2015, St. Vincent Mission's Emergency Assistance Program provided 95 families with a total of $21,822 in utility bill payments, rent or mortgage payments, travel cost, car repairs, etc. 62 of the recipient families provided community service for the funds they receive - a total of 372 hours in community service.

        Wish List:   Copier paper

                             Cash donations for ink cartridges

                             Used pots and pans

                             Blankets & sheets

                             Towels & washcloths

                             Basketball goal

                             Volleyball net

                             Horse shoes


St. Vincent Mission             6369 Rt. 404                      

      PO Box 232                    David, KY 41616                    

      David, KY 41616 


Pictured below is Michelle. We helped purchase dentures for her and in exchange she gave 20 hours of community service at the mission!