We would like to invite your church or organization to come serve in our home repair program to provide individuals and families much needed home repairs.  I came to live in KY by first volunteering with another non-profit in the area.  Our participants in the home repair program are asked to work alongside the volunteer groups and pay back part of the material cost.  You will truly be in partnership with those you serve to accomplish the repairs.  We invite you to come work with them to improve their living conditions and show them the Love of Christ in the process.

We invite groups, couples and individuals to volunteer with us for a week, month, semester or even a year.

-Erin Bottomlee

Executive Director

Your life will be changed by serving in Eastern Kentucky. 


To Volunteer please call 606.886.2513, Monday-Friday 8:30a.m. - 3:30p.m.

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To see our some of our volunteers - CLICK HERE!