Career Assistance

What we do

We offer a faith-based course called “Work Life”. This course teaches how to write a resume & cover letter, soft skills, conflict resolution, overcoming obstacles to employment and how to navigate the work place to be an effective employee.

While on our program, they work at the mission for 2 days a week at $8.25 an hour. Our program lasts 6 months and we want them to have a permanent job at the end of their program participation. We also provide support while they seek a job. Examples of this include letting them know about jobs in the area, helping with applications and practice interviews.  In addition to this, we help with barriers to employment such as obtaining a license, expunging a criminal record, GED assistance and transportation needs.

What they do

Interns work in the Home Repair Program, Woodworking, Garden Program, Thrift Store, Food Pantry, Emergency Assistance and Technical Support. This gives them the opportunity to learn a skill that can be used at a job or that they can use themselves to make extra income or provide for their needs (such as gardening, woodworking or repairing their own home to save money).

They work alongside employees learning these skills. The employee they work with also teaches them basics principals to being a good employee and works with them on the concepts learned in the work life class.

They are required work toward resolving their barriers to employment, apply for jobs and exemplify the skill learned in the program.

Why Do We Do This?

Many people we serve through this program have a criminal history, past drug addiction, have never worked a job or they just don’t know how to be a good employee. These are all barriers to employment. Our goal is to train people to be good employees, give opportunities to those with past negative behavior and offer an opportunity where there would not otherwise be one.

Getting a positive recommendation from us might breach the barrier of a criminal history. Working with us as a first-time job might lay a positive foundation for future work. Over all we hope to break barriers to employment in the lives of those we serve.

                        To help us and become involved in this mission to eradicate poverty in Appalachia