St. Vincent Mission came from humble beginnings in 1968 when it was started by the Brothers of Charity from Philadelphia. The group, which first set up in Martin later moved to a site in David owned by Princess Elkhorn Coal Company.

The Mission began doing social work county wide including the county’s first food pantry, home improvements and a child care center.

The Mission also started a sewing and crafts program for women and held weekend youth programs and dancing classes, Bible School and helped revive the Boy Scout program.

We are a community of people in Appalachia dedicated to sharing the expression of Christian values.

We believe that all people have a God-ordained right to the basic needs of life in order to meet their full potential. This is accomplished through concrete programs that encourage discovery, development, and use of our personal gifts.

Our mission is one of HOPE that leads us toward a vision of continuous growth.

David Craft St. Vincent Mission Kentucky
St. Vincent Mission Construction 1970s