Food Pantry    
Families served925140717151534
Adults served1473230828172259
Children served570581869472
Approximate # of meals distributed38,83954,89170,03446,427
Total # of Pounds distributed50,39972090.0075072.00128873.00
Total Cost of purchased food$20,323.11$8,800.32$15,572.92$13,777.06
Total cost for donated food$35,489.00$81,007.00$109,883.00$172,845.50
Value of cleaning and personal care items$2,500.00$2,500.00$3,729.92$1,430.79
Emergency Assistance     
Specific Assistence/ Families Served 17611010391
People Served-specific Assistence  274278287
Value of Specific Assistence$23,797$15,576$20,941$34,462.36
In-Kind Value given out (backpack,event,garden)$9,166$63,015$56,584$32,945
Families Served – In Kind 248154114
People Served – In Kind798589444363
Non-Profits Served – In Kind 271852
Total # who provided Community Service10344647
Hours of Community Service583292376805.75
Back to School Program 185251112
Educational/ Interns    
Number of Scholaships Awarded12101115
Value of Scholarships Awarded$6,000$4,970.12$6,250.00$10,746.00
Number of Interns1111421
Community Events111096
Attendence 350471454214
Educational Classes2136627
Attendence 10918743109
Christmas Store    
Number of Participants502658594593
Fire Departments/Other Organizations6775
Number of people from fire dep/Orgs.243264209108
Community Service Hours for Christmas9827148132
Christmas Gift Cards Total #127142178172
Value of Gifts given out 90,03060,00060,000
Home Visits230295203265
Total Value of In-Kind Donations124,375275,570121,965239,112
Home Repairs & Volunteers    
Number of Homes Repaired39431432
Number of People Served  3382
Other Non-profits served2202
Cost of materials$55,379$46,077$19,942$47,372
All Volunteers     
Volunteer hours14,73112709.53014.57153
Number of volunteers (home repair and others)46943221198
Number of groups2420112
Value of volunteer hours$363,708$323,202$81,994$204,146
Grow Appalachia    
Pounds of Food Harvested40,56326,83620,59615,456
Organizations served 4774
Active Families38305543
Number of People  144211
GA Meetings 3148
Attendence  3618194
Training videos series instead of classes  234
Number who watched  33667
Total People Served  57134846