Need Home Repair?

St. Vincent Mission offers home repair assistance to low income families in Floyd County.  If you are in need of home repairs please submit an application to the below address along with the required paperwork requested in the application. 

We have a few requirements for you to participate in our program:

  • You must be willing to work on your own home alongside the volunteer group to accomplish the repairs needed
  • You also must be wiling to make small monthly payments to cover part of the materials cost
  • To apply for our Home Repair Program please fill out the Home Repair Application and read over the Home Repair Expectations
    Email your forms to [email protected]

Or mail to:
St. Vincent Mission
ATTN: Erin Bottomlee
P.O Box 232
David, KY 41616

Volunteers assist locals with home repair


As a non-profit we desire to serve in the best way possible. This means that one of our goals is to help you help yourself. We believe that it is important for us to work with you to accomplish the things that you desire. We want to help you provide for your family and as a part of that we ask that you pay back a part of the materials and that you work with the home repair group to complete your repairs.
We can provide these services to you though donations given to us by people who wish to show you the love of Christ. We hope that our service to you and with you shows you His Love. We serve because God gave His Son to die for us and as a response to His Great Love, our lives belong to Him. We hope that you come to know Christ as your Lord and Savior, or if you already know Him that your relationship with Him continue to grow.