Crisis Relief

What we help with:
We assist families with electric, water, insurance, gas cards for medical care, and emergency hotel rooms. Families are able to access assistance once a year. Typically, we pay between $50 and $100 on a bill.
Some of the recipients are elderly, individuals with disabilities, families with several children, individuals coming out of a domestic violence situation and people who have had an unexpected financial burden.

If you need assistance please call Jennifer at 606-886-2513

You will need to Schedule an appointment to meet with her.

Items to bring to Appointment:

  • Current Bill
  • Proof of payment if you have made efforts to pay some
  • Photo ID of the person who’s name the bill is under
  • Income verification
  • Proof of Residence if the ID does not match
  • Food Stamp paperwork or denial

What defines a crisis that requires assistance:
• Loss of income due to no fault of your own
• Unexpected expense
• Natural Disaster
• Burnout
• New start

What you do in return:
We ask when we assist a family with a bill, that a member of the family come volunteer at the mission for a certain amount of time depending on the amount of assistance requested. 

We will not pay for a bill until the volunteer work has been completed.  We believe in the dignity that come through working for what you need to provide for your family.