Volunteer Groups

Connect, Serve, Grow

St. Vincent Mission hosts opportunities for groups of individuals who are interested in learning about our local culture, working with our local community, and serving alongside our program participants. Many of our groups serve in home repair. You will serve as a support to our home repair participants as they work to make repairs to their homes. Volunteer groups, who typically serve for a week at a time work building decks, ramps, room additions, repairing roofs, floors, walls, replacing windows and doors, and meeting many other home repair needs.

Our desire is to see our volunteers work with home owners. We believe that by working together volunteers can learn from our home owners, gain an understanding of our culture and leave Kentucky with new, meaningful relationships. By working with our volunteers, our home owners will accomplish the needed repairs and will have dignity in the work that they have done.

We also have opportunities that include garden work, community support and office/thrift store support. Please consider partnership with us and those we serve.