Crisis Relief Assistance

What we help with:
We assist families with electric, water, insurance, gas cards for medical care, and emergency hotel rooms. Families are able to access assistance once a year. Typically, we pay between $50 and $100 on a bill.
Some of the recipients are elderly, disabled, families with several children, individuals coming out of a domestic violence situation and people who have had an unexpected financial burden.

We also provide clothes, furniture, household items and school supplies when needed.  Our staff is able to link clients with other resources such as public housing and snap benefits  and connect them with other non-profits who are also able to help in time of need.   

What our participants do in return:
We ask that when we assist a family with a bill, that a member of the family come volunteer at the mission for 6 hours. Many of the people we serve come with different skills that they are able to use to help us.

Why we do it this way:
Often times someone will come to do their service hours and they will posses a skill that we could really use such as painting, lawn mower repair, lawn care, artistic abilities, computer work, organizational skills, etc. This allows us, as the staff to work with those we serve, so that we are partners, not just an organization giving a hand out.  When we build relationships with those that we work with, we create an atmosphere that is a partnership with our community where all parties work together for the good of each other.

We work to build a relationship with our clients.  We get the opportunity to share the love of Christ while also helping them to meet their own physical needs.  We are able to talk with them and see that while they came for assistance with a bill, their real need might be a job.  Then we are able to offer them the assistance of our Career Readiness Program.  We want to help them find ways to come out of poverty.  This is a more holistic approach to poverty alleviation than merely paying a bill for someone.