Home Repair Program

St. Vincent Mission’s Home Repair Program serves families in eastern Kentucky to help them improve their homes. We have helped families with room additions, roofs, ramps, decks, foundational issues, and have even helped rebuild houses destroyed by flood or fire.

Volunteers work along side home owners to help them make the repairs on their own homes. Home owners are fully involved in the process from the beginning. They decide what repairs are the most important and they pay a part of the materials cost. Often times home owners will prepare meals for the volunteers as a token of their appreciation. More important than the home repairs are the relationships that are built between home owner and volunteer. Volunteers learn from the home owners and leave Kentucky with a better understanding of our way of life, Appalachian values and our beautiful, wise and creative residents.

In 2022, 35 homes received repairs at a cost of $46,755 for materials. 235 volunteers provided 10,449 hours of service, and volunteers and home owners were forever changed by each others kindness, grace and compassion.

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