Current Needs

In Kind needs:

Men’s and boys clothes and shoes

Small appliances

pots and pans

Items for our Christmas program

Personal care and cleaning items

Dewalt Jig Saw

Dewalt Reciprocating Saw

Monetary donations needed for:

General Operating Expenses

Home Repair
Career Assistance
Building Projects

Current Projects that Need Funding:

We are currently fundraising to build a new warehouse to allow for more room for donated items.  The total cost is $63,800.00 and we have currently raised approximately $30,000.
We are in the planning phase of a campaign to raise funds to rebuild the main office building and adding transitional house apartments to the property.

Program Specific Needs

New Start Needs:

New Pots/ Pans/ Small Appliances

New Plates/ Cups/ Bowls/ Silverware

New Kitchen Towels

New Bedding (all sizes)

New Bathroom Towels

These items are needed year round.

Back to School Supplies:

Markers/ Crayons/ Colored Pencils

Folders/ Three Ringed Binders

Loose leaf paper/ Spiral Notebook

Erasers/ Rulers/ Pencil Boxes

Pens/ Pencils/ Highlighters

Scissors/ Glue


Backpacks for all ages

Back to School Clothes:







Christmas Store Needs:

All clothing sizes and genders

Kitchen Items


Outdoor Items

Teen Items

Women’s Gifts

These items are collected all year. 

Click for a more extensive list. 


Thrift Store:

All Types of Clothing and Shoes

All Kitchen Items

All Bedding

Books/ Toys/ Purses

Items we are often low on:

Men’s and Boy’s Clothing and shoes

Pots/ Pans/ Small Appliances


These items are needed year round.

Home Repair Needs:

Jig/Circular/Reciprocating Saw Blades

Drill bills

Drill driver tips

3 inch exterior screws

2 1/2 inch exterior screws

Caulk guns

Tool Belts

These items are needed March-October.


Garden Program:

Rakes/ Hoes / Shovels

All Types of Seeds

All Sizes of Canning Jars

Rings and lids

Dehydrators/ Vacuum Sealers

Canning Pots


These items are needed March through September.



Personal Care / Hygiene Items:

Toilet paper

Dish Soap

Laundry Detergent

Shampoo/ Conditioner/ Body Wash

Tooth Brush/ Paste

These items are needed year round.

Office Items:

Copy Paper

White Out


Large Envelopes

HP Ink (951xl, 950xl, 65xl, 64)

These items are needed year round.