Current Needs

In Kind needs:

Men’s and boys clothes and shoes

Small appliances

pots and pans

Items for our Christmas program

Personal care and cleaning items

Dewalt Jig Saw

Dewalt Reciprocating Saw

Monetary donations needed for:

General Operating Expenses

Utilities Assistance

Scholarship Program

Christmas Meals

Current Projects that Need Funding:

Commercial Kitchen for our Garden program to allow our growers to make value added product to sell at the farmers market.

Solar panels for our main office building.  This will allow more income to be spent in our programs as opposed to utility cost.

Program Specific Needs

New Start Needs:

New Pots/ Pans/ small appliances

New Plates/ Cups/ Bowls/ Silverware

New Kitchen Towels

New Bedding (all sizes)

New Bathroom Towels

These items are needed year round.

Back to School Supplies:

Markers/ Crayons/ Colored Pencils

Folders/ Three Ringed Binders

Loose leaf paper/ Spiral Notebook

Erasers/ Rulers/ Pencil Boxes

Pens/ Pencils/ Highlighters

Scissors/ Glue


Backpacks for all ages

Back to School Clothes:







Christmas Store Needs:

All clothing sizes and genders

Kitchen Items


Outdoor Items

Teen Items

Women’s Gifts

These items are collected all year. 

Click for a more extensive list. 


Thrift Store:

All Types of Clothing and Shoes

All Kitchen Items

All Bedding

Books/ Toys/ Purses

Items we are often low on:

Men’s and Boy’s Clothing and shoes

Pots/ Pans/ Small Appliances


These items are needed year round.

Home Repair Needs:

Jig/Circular/Reciprocating Saw Blades

Drill bills

Drill driver tips

3 inch exterior screws

2 1/2 inch exterior screws

Caulk guns

Tool Belts

These items are needed March-October.


Garden Program:

Rakes/ Hoes / Shovels

All Types of Seeds

All Sizes of Canning Jars

Rings and lids

Dehydrators/ Vacuum Sealers

Canning Pots


These items are needed March through September.



Personal Care / Hygiene Items:

Toilet paper

Dish Soap

Laundry Detergent

Shampoo/ Conditioner/ Body Wash

Tooth Brush/ Paste

These items are needed year round.

Office Items:

Copy Paper

White Out


Large Envelopes

HP Ink (951xl, 950xl, 65xl, 64)

These items are needed year round.