Garden Program

Our garden program exists to help people live more sustainable and healthy lives.  The Appalachian region has a strong history of farming and self-sustainable living.  What we wish to do with this program is to help families get back to those roots.  With our high food insecurity rate, it has become necessary for many families to grow their own food.

This program creates a community of support for the families involved.  They get to meet with each other once a month and share the struggles and successes during the educational classes.  This provides them with the opportunity to learn from each other as well as from the instructor.  It also provides much needed social connection and friendships.

What we do:

Teach courses on: Planning and planting, organic pest control, organic weed control, canning and other forms of food preservation, heart healthy cooking and season extension.

We teach a class once a month during the growing season.

What we provide:

Seeds, plants, tools, fertilizer, organic pest control, organic disease control, jars, canners and dehydrators.  We till gardens when needed and provide technical support throughout the entire growing season. 

We serve about 30 families a year.  These families have formed a community of support and are the back bone of this program.